Moon Valley

Trip to the end of the time
Moon Valley & Talampaya

DAY 01 | La Rioja

Reception at La Rioja airport. Transfer to hotel. Lodging. Day at leisure.

Passengers might enjoy a three - hour tour to Velasco Ridge, visiting The Creek, Los Sauces Levee and Sanagasta, a summer village located in a mountain area, near the splendorous Huaco Valley.

DAY 02 | La Rioja / Valle de la Luna / Villa Union

Breakfast and departure towards Provincial Park Ischigualasto – Valle de La Luna (Moon Valley) - located in the neighbor Province of San Juan. Visitors arrive and visit Paleontology Museum. There follows a vehicle tour along the Park, enjoying a three-hour circuit through noticeable geological rock formations that have acquired strange shapes caused by erosion, turning them a unique landscape: the Worm, the Submarine, the Mushroom, Bowling square, The Red Gorge are some of them . In the afternoon, the visit keeps on to Villa Unión. Lodging.

DAY 03 | Villa Union / Laguna Brava / Villa Union

Breakfast. Departure time for an exceptional circuit of beauty and color, that will lead visitors to Laguna Brava Reservoir, located at 4200 meters above sea level, in the middle of Los Andes Mountain Range. This spectacular excursion is done in 4x4 vehicles and goes through a number of mountain ranges, wave-cut platforms, salt works and landscapes of different colors. At La Troya and Peñón Creeks visitors will be able to admire the magnificent geological folded mountains and their fantastic landscapes. Arrival at Reservoir Laguna Brava, created in 1980 to protect the vicuna. On their way, visitors will pass by Vinchina, The Diaguitas´ Stars- a place characterized by enormous stars made of black, red and white stones build on the ground, which today stand restored. They constituted a ritual center where it is believed the Diaguitan Indians used to make ceremonies and pray to their gods - the trip continues by Jagüe. On the road, visitors will see some of the highest volcanoes of the world: the Veladero, the Pissis and the Bonete. At Laguna Brava, there could be seen the ecosystem rich fauna, such as: vicunas, guanacos, American panthers, flamingoes, purple eagles and falcons, being permanent residents of this reservoir in spite of its andean-punean weather with big temperature variations. In the afternoon, visitors return to Villa Unión. Lodging.

We inform that during this excursion, visitors will arrive at some areas located over 4000 meters above sea level. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the excursion must be taken by people who physical and health conditions let them reach these heights.

Between June and September arrival at the Lagoon will depend on climate conditions, since roads and traces are usually blocked by snow accumulation. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid the blockages, so it is better to return 10 km. before Laguna Brava. Nevertheless the excursion is highly recommended because of the greatest attraction of its journey along the multicolored creeks.

DAY 04 | Villa Union / Talampaya / La Rioja

Breakfast. Departure from Villa Unión to Talampaya National Park. Unique in the world, it has a complete sequence of continental sedimentary-rocks from Triassic period. Inside the park visitors may enjoy different circuits, being the most traditional the one called “Talampaya Canyon" a three-hour trip consisting of a vehicle incursion along Talampaya River’s bed. Between the high walls of the great canyon, there can be seen natural formations carved by water and wind erosion during millions of years. Some of these are: The Sentry, The Magic King, The Gothic Cathedral, The Falcon, The Tower and The Monk. These nature manifestations are enhanced by the ancient inhabitants of the surroundings, who left the testimony of their presence by drawing pictures and stone-carvings. Then, in the afternoon, visitors return to La Rioja city. Lodging.

DAY 05 | La Rioja

Breakfast. Transfer to airport. End of services.