Cueva de las Manos / Río Pinturas Canyon

The Mystic Route 40

DAY 01 | Trelew / Comodoro Rivadavia

Departure from Trelew to Comodoro Rivadavia. Lodging. In the afternoon excursion to the natural reserve of Punta Marques located at 17 km from Comodoro Rivadavia. This is an outstanding geographical accident that goes above in the sea 2,5 km approximately, that turns it in the most prominent of San Jorge Gulf. This big “restinga” has a permanent colony of one hair sea lions with a population from 400 to 1.500 specimens, according to the season of the year. Lodging.

DAY 02 | Comodoro Rivadavia / Sarmiento / Petrified Forest / Perito Moreno / Los Antiguos

Breakfast. We begin our trip to Sarmiento, visiting the Petrified Forest Jose Ormaechea provincial reserve located at 28 km from Sarmiento town. It has a big paleo-botanical richness in accordance with huge coniferous trunks of the old forest that covered the actual patagonic plateau. This outcrop of fossil forests turn into stones constitutes a real deposit due to its magnitude and concentration. The area is situated in what was the sea bed, setting up a peculiar landscape. Sightseeing of the most attractive areas: Moon Valley and Cerro Colorado. We will visit the Musters Lake and continue to Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos. Lodging.

DAY 03 | Los Antiguos / Cueva de las Manos / Monte Zeballos / Lago Posadas

After breakfast, we are going to the Perito Moreno Plateau through the new Route 41, going round the Jeinemeni and Zeballos Rivers thorough the mountain chain road on the West, high and desolated with spectacular views of San Lorenzo Mount. Visit to the impressive Rio Pinturas Canyon, located at 230 km from Los Antiguos, where is concentrated the most quantity of cave paintings of Argentina. Throughout 600 meters of standing walls, fenders and into the same cave, more than 800 negatives of hands can be seen, in the brightest colors: ochre, red, violet, yellow, as well as black and white. These surprising artistic manifestations are pieces of art from the ancestors of Tehuelches, and are aged 8000 to 10.000 years. Cueva de las Manos were declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Lodging.

DAY 04 | Lago Posadas / Valle del Río Oro / Cerro de Los Indios / Lago Belgrano

Breakfast. Excursion to Throat and Rio Oro Valley. This river, located in the surroundings of Posadas and Pueyrredon lakes, is a watercourse very coveted among fishing lovers, because a big amount of rainbow trout that inhabit these lakes go up to spawn through this river between August and October. We go on to Cerro de los Indios to perform a trekking for this is an important area of archeological explorations where we will be able to see in wide rocky fenders paintings aged 3800 years. Lodging.

DAY 05 | Lago Belgrano

This lake is one of the eight mirrors of water that has Perito Moreno National Park. Each of everyone is individual; therefore this lake is unique, like the turquoise color of Lago Belgrano waters. This National Park was created to protect the patagonic plateau and its autochthonous fauna. A short trekking will be performed to the base of San Lorenzo Hill, another natural wonder where the greens and the blues embrace everything, from the forest to the surrounding waters. The mount is 3.700 meters high and a series of pending glaciers, snowdrifts and standing walls of ice and rocks. It presents plentiful vegetation on its hillsides, in which green tones contrast with the ever white summit covered in snow all year round. As a corollary to such an abundant forest, there is a magnificent panoramic beauty as well. Lodging.

DAY 06 | Lago Belgrano / El Chalten

After breakfast, departure to El Chalten through the mystic Route 40, bordering Cardiel Lake. In this area there are a lot of “maras”, guanacos and armadillos. Lake’s water is the ideal habitat of some salmon species like Rainbow and Fontinalis trout, turning the lake in The Mecca of fishermen of the whole world. Arrival and lodging.

DAY 07 | El Chalten

It is possible to perform a Full Day Trekking to Cerro Torre or Laguna de los Tres. Lodging.

DAY 08 | El Chalten / El Calafate

After breakfast the journey begins bordering Viedma Lake at the North of Los Glaciares National Park and continues through the patagonic plateau towards the South to Argentino Lake, in which shore the emblematic city of El Calafate raises.
Arrival at El Calafate, transfer to the hotel. Lodging.

DAY 09 | El Calafate

All Glaciers Navigation, full day excursion through the North Arm of Argentino Lake to admire the impressive ice flows that cut through its water. Upsala, Spegazzini, Bolados and Agassiz Glaciers will be visited. Lodging.

DAY 10 | El Calafate

Full Day Excursion to Perito Moreno Glacier.

Minitrekking on the Glacier to appreciate, walking on its irregular surface, the various tones of blue and its deep chinks. Lodging.

DAY 11 | El Calafate / Ushuaia

Transfer to El Calafate airport to get the flight to Ushuaia. Arrival and lodging. During the afternoon shipping excursion through Beagle Channel to “Sea Lion’s Island”. Lodging.

DAY 12 | Ushuaia

Half Day excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park. Transfer to Ushuaia Airport. End of our services.